Mission: To inspire and guide people through the journey of manifesting their dreams.

Vision: For every person to have the tools to experience life with optimism, abundance and expansion.

ought leader Tameeza Hirani is a natural-born mentor fueled by a passion for accelerating others’ success. Excelling in the corporate world of human resources for many years, Tameeza found herself feeling unfulfilled, searching for a deeper life purpose. She subsequently embarked upon an internal journey of self-actualization, working with some of the top minds in the business, including the renowned Bob Proctor. Courageously making a career transition to mindset coaching and energy work as a Usui reiki master, Tameeza discovered her own solution in helping others not just overcome but optimize adversity by shifting their perspective and embracing change.

Now, in her role as a breakthrough belief architect and co-creator of the innovative program, IT’S TIME, she guides us to understand that a lot of the supposedly immutable life truths we’ve internalized are holding us back and keeping us stuck, preventing us from attaining our goals and living the ideal life we’ve imagined. Going right to the very core of where our current belief patterns reside, Tameeza shows us that when we change our minds, we change our reality.

“I’ll believe it when I see it.” Most of us have developed this cynical mindset and live in doubt and fear. Tameeza Hirani is committed to moving us to where we belong, in a joyous, limitless place of everlasting possibilities. “I’ll see it when I believe it.” Yes, you certainly will.


Trained by Master Thinker and one of the best speakers of our time, Tameeza Hirani understands how to help others get the results they want most in life.

Tameeza Hirani is a product of the process she teaches. She lives what she teaches each day and understands that anything is possible. However, it wasn’t always that way. As a result of Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher’s teachings and her personal journey, Tameeza Hirani has a unique perspective on what it takes to change your personal and professional results.

Thinking Into Results is an exceptionally designed program presented in twelve relevant, simple and practical lessons, to ensure that the methods and success mindset taught become a part of you. You will begin thinking and taking action at a higher level of awareness which will manifest as improved results in every area of your life, both personal and professional. When you invest in yourself, you are not only improving your life; you are improving the lives of those around you.


I mentor and coach entrepreneurs, small businesses and financial advisors achieve financial success by examining old belief patterns that hold you back from achieving the life you desire.

Alberta, Canada
Mon - Sunday)
(9am - 6 pm)

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